Our Mission

At Hunt’s Four Corners Farm, we are striving to provide the public with a source of home grown healthy beef products. We want you to know where your meat comes from, and how it was raised.


Our Commitment to You

We will provide you with the same high quality beef that our own family has been raised on. We will provide you with as much info on the animals you are purchasing meat from as we can. We will care for these animals in a natural humane way that sustains our way of life on the farm. We will always provide you with the safest meat supply available since you are buying it at the source.


We hope that you will come to trust us for your source of meat products that are home grown, here in Hancock County.

Hunt's Four Corners Farm
4013 East 300 North
Greenfield, IN 46140
317-326-2627 * 317-627-1717

Hunt's Four Corners Meat Market

Directions: State Rd 9 approximately 1/2 mile north of I-70, go East on 300 North.
Travel 2 miles to 400 East, and turn South. The farm is right on the corner of the
intersection of 300 North and 400 East.


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